ياصاحبَ الزّمان .. عدنِي أراك ولو لبضعِ دقائقٍ وإذَا أردتَ مقابلًا فحياتِي * #جمعة_مباركة 💕 (at Masjid Jamkaran)



War in Iraq 

American terrorism


if you wear the hijab, good for you. congratulations. you may pat yourself on the back, if you wish. but do not go around preaching to other Muslim women who don’t wear the hijab. don’t tell them they are moldy bread or an open piece of candy or a pearl or some shit. pay attention to your own shortcomings, first. take a look at your own actions. you don’t get gold stars for shaming other women. 

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This life is an constant test, you will get different trials. Sometime you won’t understand it’s a test but it will be. In every situation try to act according to Islam, it’s a complete code of life then in shaa Allah you will pass every test.

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For Muslimahs Only

A man and a boy exit after prayer at the mosque in the remote village of Hawkantaki, Niger.